Accounting office in Warsaw and Katowice. Tax advisors, auditors, attorneys, corporate lawyers, accountants and experts in the field of human resources, payroll, controlling and management.

Is the headquarters of the company for which you are looking professional accounting, tax advisory or legal services located in Katowice, Warsaw or a neighbouring city? Or do you need to conduct an audit, investigate a financial statement or optimize business processes? You are in the right place. Here are seven reasons why it is worth to use services provided by GLC.

1..In the field of accounting services, GLC is a big, modern and proved accounting office. Our highly qualified accountants working in our offices in Warsaw and Katowice (or in client’s headquarters because one of the forms of cooperation can be outsourcing, co-sourcing, accounting supervision, support or partial takeover of processes or hire of an employee) are always supported by a tax advisor and an auditor. Quality and the highest level of provided services by our accounting office is confirmed by the third place we have obtained in the nationwide competition Accounting Leader (Lider Księgowości), which rewards the most knowledgeable accountants and presents modern approaches of accounting departments and offices.

GLC Accounting Office offers service of Standard Audit File for Tax (SAF-T) and our competence in the field of accounting exceed standard frameworks. If necessary we work on systems of our client’s accounting offices, such as enova365, SAP, Symfonia, Comarch ERP XL and Optima, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX, Streamsoft, ELELCO, Subiekt GT and Rewizor GT and BPSC.

2. As an accounting office consisting of experienced tax advisors, we defend the rights of taxpayers and care about their interests and security. Through comprehensive services in the field of tax advisory for business entities, our tax advisors relieve clients from daily, complex tasks associated with running a business.

GLC Tax office helps business owners to deal with the high volatility of tax law, divergence of interpretation and not always favourable attitude of the tax authorities. The position of our tax office is confirmed by our high places achieved in the national industry rankings.

3. We are one of the few firms which offer services that involve attorneys, lawyers, tax advisors and auditors at the same time. This allows for suggested solutions and strategy to be regularly verified for compliance with the law and binding them tax obligations. Our designed activities are not only legal but also as a cost-effective result for companies.
GLC Law Firm specialises in corporate law. We are fluent in mechanisms related to the functioning of companies and processes occurring in them and each case is treated individually as a separate project. In each project’s execution, there is a dedicated team of experts under the supervision of one of our law firm’s partners.

4. We work as a team and in a project system design on duties entrusted by our clients. In the process of providing services, including tasks performed by the accounting office, there are always at least two experts supervised by a manager. By involving several employees at the same time to provide services, there is always one person available for a client. This allows consulting on issues regardless of whether one of the involved people are in a meeting, outside of the office, on vacation or sick leave.

In addition, we guarantee substantive and practical reparation of all our employees who besides their professional qualifications (lawyer, tax advisor, auditor, restructuring advisor) have directional education and constantly improve their skills through participation in specialised training.

5. Our quality of services and guarantee of timeliness and security of shared information and data is confirmed through implementation and compliance with ISO 9001/2008 and ISO 27001/2013. On top of this, the range and amount of liability insurance exceed the legal requirements—it is on the maximum possible level.

6. We focus on fast and efficient communication with our customers during meetings, teleconferences and through e-mail communication or telephone. We optionally offer to clients of our legal, tax and accounting office access to IT tools which can track progress, show certain reports and data, obtain information about issues, outsource another task or can be used to simply communicate.

7. We have experience in serving clients from various industries (automotive, robotics and automation, mining, energy, IT, logistics) and profiles of activity (trade, services, manufacturing, association). The same applies to services provided by the accounting office and tasks performed by tax advisors, lawyers, attorneys, auditors and specialists in the field of controlling, management accounting, human resources, and payroll.

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Complexity, professionalism and security. The services of GLC

taxTax office which combines tax, legal and economic knowledge with a perfect sense to entrepreneurs’ needs. Effective solutions to tax issues, tax optimization and representation before Inland Revenue.  
fintechSpecialized law firm dealing with issues related to payment services, counteraction to money laundering, banking law, consumer law, personal data protection and new technologies law. E-commerce and online payments support in creating a company operating in accordance with law.  
Finance-Leader-doradztwo-ksiegoweA law firm specialized in economic law and legal advice to businesses. A legal consultancy in ongoing business activities, conversion and restructuring of companies and legal and technical advice in terms of claims handling.  
audyty finansoweAudit services. Statutory auditors. Assessment of companies. Verification of company’s property and financial condition supported by the opinion of an auditor or an expert witness. Active order advise and streamline of accounting processes.  
accountingAn accounting office providing accounting services for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), as well as outsourcing of accounting and controlling services for larger companies and corporations with foreign capital. Our services include working with programs such as enova365, SAP, Symfonia, Comarch ERP XL i Optima, Microsoft Dynamics NAV i AX, Streamsoft, ELELCO, Subiekt GT i Rewizor GT oraz BPSC in three different languages (Polish, English and German).  
Audit-Leader-audyt-finansowy Outsourcing of human resources and payroll services allowing for cost optimization of employment and employees’ salaries according to applicable labour, social security and tax law. Improvement of business and management’s efficiency.  
optymalizacje podatkoweSubstantive and practical support in the fields of controlling and business processes optimization. Their goal is to help in planning, realization and modification of business strategy and improvement of company’s viability and competitiveness on the market.  
zarzadzanieInterim management. Specialists in the field of management, finance, law and tax implementing typical managerial tasks agreed under the contract. Support during specific projects, substitution for a specific period of time and assistance in developing departments or positions. 
GLC is created by people. Over 70 experts. Meet us.

Zbigniew Maciej Szymik

Chief Executive Officer, Tax Advisor, Managing Partner

Tax advisor who has been providing consistent service for businesses for over 20 years. He specialises in indirect tax and tax optimization in business in small and medium-sized enterprises. He combines his profound knowledge of taxes with expertise in issues related to accounting.
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prof. dr hab. Jadwiga Glumińska-Pawlic

Partner, Tax Advisor

Professor of law, member of the academic staff at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Silesian University, expert in financial and self-government law as well as public finance and local taxes, tax advisor
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dr Artur Oleś

Attorney, Tax Advisor, Managing Partner

He specialises in tax optimization, criminal law, penal fiscal law and in mergers and acquisitions. He has successfully carried out dozens of proceedings in front of tax authorities and administrative courts. The author of scientific publications in the field of law and tax.
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Łukasz Zarzycki

Chief Audit Officer, Statutory Auditor, Tax Advisor, Restructuring Advisor

A statutory auditor, a tax advisor, an expert witness, restructuring advisor. He perfectly combines his knowledge and experience in the field of tax, accounting, audit and bankruptcy and restructuring law. Lecturer and expert cooperating with publishing house Wolters Kluwer.
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Klaudia Derela

Head of Accounting

Accounting graduate with honours of the University of Economics in Katowice. She has nearly 10 years of experience in accounting, particularly in handling commercial companies with foreign capital. Specialises in management and tax accounting. Apart from managing the Accounting Department, responsible for overseeing the process of data migration to new IT systems (Enova, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics Navision, Elelco). She likes to work with people and goals of GLC’s clients are her biggest inspiration and motivation in daily work and self-development.
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Mariusz Jarosz

Chief Business Consulting Officer

CFO, Interim Management. For more than 10 years of experience in financial management, controlling and accounting management in the form of outsourcing. He specialises in tax controlling, financial and production budgeting, forecasting, and optimization of businesses processes. It is quite prominent that one of his responsibilities is customization of information systems ERP and BI systems.
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Katowice and Warsaw.We invite you to our offices.

GLC Katowice

ul. Uniwersytecka 13
40-007 Katowice

GLC Warsaw

Aleje Jerozolimskie 96
00-807 Warszawa

  • Silesia Region
  • +48 515 449 333

  • Mazovia Region
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  • Lesser Poland Region
  • +48 502 856 288

Why choose the services of GLC?

Among the best
Our experts have been providing complex services for companies in the field of accounting services, tax and legal advisory for more than 10 years. They are a highly experienced team of professionals who constantly improve their qualifications. Their experience and constant thrive to follow any economic or legal changes gives them a position among one of the best companies in Poland.

Amongst national leaders
For more than 5 years, our company has been occupying high positions in the rankings of consulting companies organized by ‘Rzeczpospolita’ or ‘Gazeta Prawna’. Thanks to the excellent team of advisors, our company has been listed amongst national leaders in the category of tax advisory services.

First in Poland
LAW Leader, one of GLC partnerships, was the first independent multidisciplinary company of lawyers and tax advisors.

High quality of services for a reasonable price
GLC provides accounting, audit and controlling services and complex legal and tax advisory for companies in accordance with international standards. We propose quality of service comparable to the major players on the market of consulting services at a price distinctive to competition in the sector of small and medium-sized companies.

Complex service at every stage of business development
Our advisors help clients at every stage of company’s development – during start up, intensive growth of a company, crisis and its closure.

Support in difficult and problematic industries
Our clients are small and medium-sized companies and large enterprises, including companies with foreign capital. We specialize in cooperating with companies operating in highly innovative industries, containing a large number of commercial and financial transactions involved in the complex market processes.

Team cooperation
Our specialists work in project teams, which consist of experts from several fields: accounting, HR, payroll, controlling, tax and law services. Teams are tailored to fit client’s needs and are supervised by a manager. They thoroughly analyze the problem and the situation of the company and develop innovative and effective financial solutions. They support the company in many areas and at the same time, they maintain the continuity and consistency of service.

High business responsibility
Our consultants put security of client’s interest and good relations with them first. Meanwhile, they respect the law, standards of professional ethics and ethical rules in business. Our company’s reliability is not only guaranteed by liability insurance, which covers tax advisory and accounting services, but most of all by the fundamental values of our company.

Corporate social Responsibility
Our experts engage in regional activities to promote entrepreneurship by cooperating with Regional Chamber of Commerce in Katowice and ‘Forum Młodych Przedsiębiorców’. They collaborate with the University of Economics and the University of Silesia in Katowice. They train entrepreneurs and publish academic publication. The founder of our company, Zbigniew Maciej Szymik, is one of the founders of the local government of tax advisors in Poland.